Blue Flower

Pricing is subjective.....Information is free....

Site Review + Consulting     $500  to   $2,500     
Editing of Pages/Code     $2,000  to   $10,000    
Manual Rank Building Campaign     $500  to   $5,000     
Keyword Research Package     $100  to     $500     
Viral Content Development + Mktg     $1,000 to   $7,500    
Web Design, Development + Mktg     $5,000  to    $25,000    
Monthly Retainer for Ongoing SEO     $1,500   to    $3,500

You don't pay until you have results. Contact me. We make deal.

Is your infrastructure built to be resilient and fault-tolerant to minimize downtime and ensure security?

Understanding the nature and severity of threats is critical for effective prevention and response. We offer insight into system exposure, the potential for loss and the impact on the enterprise.

Having a disaster recovery plan paired with a secure infrastructure, particularly one that utilizes system redundancy and accessibility, is very important.  We help you expect the unexpected, recover data, and return to daily operations quickly.

Choosing Security Specialists is key to ensuring your data is safe and will not be compromised. We deliver assurance and peace of mind through a full spectrum of mission critical solutions:

  • Wireless Network Security Consulting
  • Data Recovery
  • Device Management
  • Network Vulnerability Assessments
  • Compliance
  • LAN Security Monitoring

Be it hosting your production environment, developing a disaster recovery plan, or securing your network. We have a solution to meet your requirements.

Is your business is brand new?  Maybe you already have a website but need it updated. What ever your situation, here is some professional advice to help you get your website online with out  sacrificing quality or paying too much.

1)  Choose a web developer who can handle all the details. Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to get one thing accomplished, yet having to coordinate with 10 different people to get it done. Each with a different invoice for services you don't completely understand. Remember all you want is a great looking, functional website for you business.