Blue Flower

Today, like the other 364, will be full of failure, rejection, and disappointments. You will overcome this by continuing to lie to yourself. Ingesting any combination of prescription and/or street narcotics may not help, but you're going to do it anyway.  Try not to kill yourself, you're not the type who does favors for people.

It is best to avoid encounters with dicks. They will fuck you up. Just because you smell like a dick occasionally does not mean they are your friends.

For friendship look to the asshole. Common interest for being full of shit and getting fucked will bring you together. However, don't expect this union last any longer than the time it takes to share some drugs.

For love you will be drawn toward pussies. Your ideal match is one who was recently fucked by a dick. Don't worry about getting attached, you'll get thrown out before you know it.

Have a nice day!