Blue Flower

I should have know it was inevitable. "Blogging" is the last thing on my list I want to spend my time doing. Yet here I sit typing the first, maybe the last, article for the blog section of my site. I'm doing this only to improve the ranking of my website. Search engines are alleged to favor sites that update their content on a regular basis. A blog is a perfect way to do this.

Most of the articles I plan to create will be focused on sharing my experiences developing and optimizing websites. Another idea would be to rant about the world of information technology. I say rant because there is absolutely nothing to praise about IT. The entire industry is built around systems that fail consistently, and businesses that rely on them.

While I'm on the topic of failing consistently, lets make a toast sales reps. selling new servers and shit software. Good job assholes, in between cheating on your wife and attending seminars you somehow memorized the data sheet on the IBM website.....Sure, buddy. I'll take two. Just shut up! I'm trying to do a real job.

Speaking of real jobs. There just aren't many left in the industry. Everything computer related has been automated, is in the process of being automated, or uses a simple GUI that can be operated my a monkey after 30 minutes of training. Corporations call is cost saving progress, but training monkeys to point and click, then calling them IT staff is damn retarded. Its kind of funny to imagineĀ  that developers and programmers may eventually program themselves out of a job. Talk about selling out.

Which brings us full circle. According to title of this article I am the biggest sell out of all! I'm doing anything google asks. For free. Actually worse, cause I don't have any guarantee that sharing random bullshit will even improve the placement on search results. This might be a really bad idea. Even if my page rank improves, I'm pretty sure most of the crap I write will only hurt public opinions of me. The irony; being loved by computers means I'll be hated by people. That sounds like a quality finish to my first post. DONE.