Blue Flower

First some facts : 1) Any business or person who would actually charge a client to modify <META> information and call this service "SEO" is nothing more than a huge  bag of  wet dicks. Billing $200+ and hour for data entry is straight up pathetic. 2) Anything called social media, key word research, or site submission is also pathetic. Can anyone explain how marketing firms get away with deploying systems, (systems that every 14 year old with a computer mastered 5 years ago) as a breakthrough marketing solutions for business owners?Then actually have the audacity to call this "SEO" and charge  money for it. 3) SEO is being hyped up as something its not. My point is that SEO is a build feature that your web designer should already be implementing if they really know what they are doing. 4) Not to long ago it was something every good designer did, now SEO is just well marketed ploy by lazy people who want to do minimal work while collecting maximum pay, then return a couple months later and rape you again.

Why do so many idiots claim to be SEO experts? As if its a prestigious title worthy of respect. NEWS FLASH: SEO is a tiny little part of a much larger picture. Claiming to be an SEO expert is like a bartender saying he only knows how to make one drink, but really well. The funniest thing about SEO wizards is how much pride they have for their ability to excel at mediocrity.This attitude can be traced back to the creation of the SEO idea.

Creating the idea that SEO is important enough to be an actual business probably started something like this: Wanting to get hired at a web development company, a few handy capable monkeys unable to program websites, nor possessing the creative skills for photo shop were left with only one option. They combined abilities that wouldn't even qualify for assistant data entry positions, targeted the simplest most redundant aspects of developing a website, and made a separate job out of it. And since the world is full of monkeys who want to feel important a simple job evolved into an entire business. Search Engine Optimization was the first business idea developed by monkeys, for monkeys, and at the perfect time for monkeys. All the monkeys had to do wait. It wasn't long before the buzz about google page rank and its importance to business owners spread faster than herpes at a frat part. Blinded by their lust for money and desire for a quick solution many businesses turned to the monkeys. Forgetting that a monkey will throw shit at you when you're not looking.

Bottom line is, before the monkey era, SEO was just part of the job website designers and developers included in the building process. Then monkeys took a big dump on the industry and named it SEO. So who wants to buy some monkey crap?