Blue Flower

Today, like the other 364, will be full of failure, rejection, and disappointments. You will overcome this by continuing to lie to yourself. Ingesting any combination of prescription and/or street narcotics may not help, but you're going to do it anyway.  Try not to kill yourself, you're not the type who does favors for people.

I should have know it was inevitable. "Blogging" is the last thing on my list I want to spend my time doing. Yet here I sit typing the first, maybe the last, article for the blog section of my site. I'm doing this only to improve the ranking of my website. Search engines are alleged to favor sites that update their content on a regular basis. A blog is a perfect way to do this.

Its been about a year since I messed with this site. I hope it has been inspirational for those wanting to be SEO or SEM professionals. Or at the very least gave everyone something to copy.

Looks like some of you folks are finally crawling up the SERPS. Congrats to you! Now if you take the time to read my site instead of just copy parts of it, I might lend you some knowlege.

Todays lesson is a year in the making, and while it is a story of SEO succes, it's also a rood awakening to failure.  Blah blah, to the point..... I made a mistake thinking everyone refered to Oklahoma City as "OKC" like me.  So I just focused on getting page rank with the "SEO OKC" search term. Damn I'm retarded.  Yea, I get a no 1 page rank for that exact term but change it to Oklahoma CIty and I get bumped to page two! Now what are potential clients going to search for? Usually the long version. Damn.

So just remember to code you site for all the search terms possible, not just what you would use. Not everyone thinks like you. But Im sure all of you already knew this.

First some facts : 1) Any business or person who would actually charge a client to modify <META> information and call this service "SEO" is nothing more than a huge  bag of  wet dicks. Billing $200+ and hour for data entry is straight up pathetic. 2) Anything called social media, key word research, or site submission is also pathetic. Can anyone explain how marketing firms get away with deploying systems, (systems that every 14 year old with a computer mastered 5 years ago) as a breakthrough marketing solutions for business owners?Then actually have the audacity to call this "SEO" and charge  money for it. 3) SEO is being hyped up as something its not. My point is that SEO is a build feature that your web designer should already be implementing if they really know what they are doing. 4) Not to long ago it was something every good designer did, now SEO is just well marketed ploy by lazy people who want to do minimal work while collecting maximum pay, then return a couple months later and rape you again.

I'm sure you eat it up. But can you feed it to a Pengiun?......No. Well its this simple:

What do penguins eat? Thats right. Fish.  Not fish sticks. Just delicious stinky raw fish. Trust me, I speak penguin. And this is what they told me.

So, If you want better page rank you need to be thinking "raw fish". In other words original relavent content. You can't cut and paste "fish sticks" from other websites, cause this will make penquin sick, and it will shit all over you. The penquin wants to eat fish you caught and prepared.

Get the picture? Good.